COVID-19 Information

The following are some of the steps we have taken at Skinfinite Solutions, Modesto, CA to ensure your safety:

  • To keep our team, patients and community safe, we are screening all patients and visitors prior to allowing them into the practice.

  • If there is any concern or question about whether a patient, visitor or employee has been exposed to COVID-19 and could be a carrier of the virus, we kindly ask you to please stay home.

  • If you need to reschedule your appointment, we will be waiving our cancellation fee during this time to ensure that you are able to reschedule with confidence.

  • As a reminder, we are limiting visitors to one of the following:

    1. A driver of patient with a scheduled procedure

    2. A driver of a pre-op patient

    3. A driver of a post-op patient on pain medication

    4. A parent of a minor patient.

  • Our office is in full compliance of the California Department of Public Health Covid-19 vaccine mandate. The only staff members working onsite are those staff members that work directly in patient care.  Staff members who are not directly involved in patient care work at home or at a different site. Regardless of where you work all staff members practice safe distancing. Staff members working in patient care will always wear a mask and gloves in the presence of patients. 

  • We are wiping down all door handles, light switches, restrooms, chairs, beds, tables and common areas throughout the day. We are encouraging everyone to wash their hands well, use hand sanitizer and follow best practices to protect the health and well-being of themselves, their families and our community at large. We will continue to be as proactive as possible to provide a beautiful, hygienic atmosphere.

  • In addition to these steps, we will be monitoring the latest information including recommendations from the CDC, World Health Organization, Stanislaus County Public Health Department, AAAASF, and ASPS in doing our part to stop the spread of this virus.

We can’t thank you enough for your patience and understanding. Your support and loyalty mean so much as we navigate this unprecedented time together. We are constantly monitoring the situation and will immediately communicate any further changes to our plans.

Sending our thoughts and well wishes to you and your loved ones.