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About CryoCorrect by SkinCeuticals®

SkinCeuticals® in Modesto, CAWhile skin enhancing treatments like facials and chemical peels can offer great results, they sometimes may not eliminate dark spots or skin tags. However, with CryoCorrect by

SkinCeuticals®, individuals don’t have to expect discomfort when considering addressing these issues. And, can expect lasting results with treatment that is extremely quick and surprisingly comfortable.

How CryoCorrect Works

Cryotherapy has long since been used to address excess skin cells like warts and skin tags. Essentially, cryotherapy is when the skin is frozen to remove excess tissue. However, instead of using liquid nitrogen that reaches dangerous temperatures, CryroCorrect by SkinCeuticals® uses carbon dioxide. This allows for a safer, more comfortable freezing solution to various skin issues including dark spots and skin tags.

The CryoCorrect Treatment Process at Skinfinite Solutions

The CryroCorrect device is held over the affected area by one of our SkinCeuticals® technicians for up to 8 seconds. The device emits a surge or carbon dioxide which works to immediately freeze the affected skin cells. One treatment can address a skin spot or skin tag up to 5mm in size. After the area is frozen, patients can expect for the treated skin to remain sensitive and eventually scab in the following 2 to 8 weeks. However, once healed, the skin spot or skin tag will remain eliminated forever.

The Ease of the CryoCorrect Treatment

For years, the SkinCeuticals® line has been providing advanced skin care solutions and eliminating the need for invasive procedures and lengthy recovery times. CryoCorrect by SkinCeuticals® is no exception. Patients can expect quick, more comfortable, and long-lasting treatment with this noninvasive treatment. Whether a patient wants to address unwanted age spots, sun damage, and skin tags, CryoCorrect can provide results in a matter of moments. This makes getting CryoCorrect treatments in congruence with other treatments a popular combination. Consider a quick CryoCorrect treatment during your next visit to renew your SkinCeuticals® products or as an addition to one of our medical spa treatments.

To discuss your CryoCorrect by SkinCeuticals® frozen therapy with Dr. Lars P. Enevoldsen, at Skinfinite Solutions in Modesto, California, contact our office today.