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Image Skin Care in Modesto, CA

Image Skincare is an evidence-based clinical skin care company, providing professional skincare products and effective skincare solutions. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Lars Enevoldsen of Skinfinite Solutions Medical Spa and Laser Center, offers Image Skincare for men and women in Modesto, Stockton and surrounding areas of California.

What is Image Skincare?

Image Skincare is the most innovative skin care company in the industry. They are known for producing the latest anti-aging, balancing, hydrating and illuminating technologies as part of their mission to help men and women.

Benefits of Image Skincare

The line of Image Skincare products is free of chemical preservatives, such as parabens, which have been linked to changes in estrogen balances in the body. Image Skincare was the first company to remove parabens from their products. This demonstrates their commitment to health of both skin and body.

How Does Image Skincare Work?

In 2014, Image Skincare developed a new Vectorize Technology™ that uses up to 100 uniquely layered ingredients, such as peptides and stem cells, to develop spherical molecular structures in their formulations. This unique design allows each ingredient to be released into the skin over time and in a specific order. Image Skincare products are known for a deeper penetration that is needed for superior results.

What to Expect from Image Skincare

The Vectorize Technology™ is utilized in several of the products in the Image Skincare line, including one of the company’s newest anti-aging developments — Iluma™.

Your aesthetician recommends the Image Skincare products that are right for your skin type and condition. We will demonstrate how to use each product and explain the anticipated results. You may need to replace some of your current skin care products with Image Skincare to maximize the benefits of your new skin care regimen.

We encourage our patients to be patient as the products begin to transform the skin. This can take several weeks or months.

How Much Does Image Skincare Cost in Modesto, CA?

Because each combination of Image Skincare products is tailored to individual patient needs, the cost varies. During the consultation, your aesthetician works with you to find the best products for your skin. Once we have this information, we can discuss pricing. For your convenience, we offer several payment options, including cash, checks and major credit cards. If you are interested in financing the cost of your Image Skincare, we accept Med Loan Finance and CareCredit®.

As one of the most innovative skin care companies in the world, Image Skincare offers advanced products that utilize Vectorize Technology™ to deliver safe and effective nutrients into your skin. To learn more about Image Skincare at Skinfinite Solutions Medical Spa and Laser Center, contact us to schedule a personal consultation.

*Individual results may vary.