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Laser Skin Resurfacing with Contour TRL Laser Peel

Laser Skin Resurfacing in Modesto, CALaser skin resurfacing is one of the most successful ways to quickly reduce the effects of sun damage, aging, and environmental pollutants. And, with the Contour TRL Laser, Dr. Enevoldsen can effectively treat specific areas of the face for a number of common skin issues. While there is a wide array of laser skin resurfacing treatments, Contour TRL is frequently noted as being the safest and best solution for a laser peel.

What is the Contour TRL Laser Treatment?

The Contour TRL Laser is used to perform laser peel treatments specifically to address skin issues brought on by the process of aging. It can specifically target treatment areas to provide desired results in as little as one session. Basically, the laser works to remove top layers of facial skin. This promotes the injury-response process in the body and restores damaged, aged cells with new ones. Furthermore, laser skin resurfacing can work to tighten and lift treated skin by stimulating collagen production.

Patients who Qualify for Contour TRL Laser Treatments

Since the Contour TRL laser can be used to treat a number of skin issues of the face, there are many qualifying patients. This type of treatment can address issues like:


-Fine lines

-Acne scarring


-Uneven skin tone

-Uneven skin texture

While the Contour TRL laser can work to address a number of issues, each patient is different. So, the depth that the laser must reach and the length of the session may vary depending on desired results and patient expectations. During your consultation with Dr. Enevoldsen for your laser skin resurfacing treatment, you’ll discuss the results you can expect and the requirements for your specific treatment.

What to Expect During a Contour TRL Laser Skin Resurfacing Treatment

First, the skin being treated (face and/or neck) is thoroughly cleaned. Then, for safety, the eyes are covered with protective shields. Finally, the laser device is placed above the skin and is guided to specific positions by the computer scanner. Once the treatment concludes, a balm is applied to begin the healing process and protect the treated area. While sessions may vary in length from patient to patient, the typical session is 15-30 minutes long. After treatment, patients can expect tenderness, sensitivity, swelling, and even some bleeding. But, most patients get back to normal activity within a few days.

Make Your Contour TRL Laser Treatment Consultation in Modesto, California

If you’re in the areas of Stockton or Modesto, California and think you may benefit from the results of laser skin resurfacing, Skinfinite Solutions can help. To make your consultation for your Contour TRL Laser treatment, contact our office today.