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Beautiful Solutions are Infinite

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At Skinfinite Solutions, we provide our patients with state-of-the-art facilities and the most experienced and dedicated healthcare professionals in Modesto, California. Since opening our doors in 1996 its been our mission to provide quality care in a safe environment—earning us a great reputation and relationships with our patients.

We take great pride in providing you with high-quality, patient-centric care and health education. Dr. Lar Enevoldsen has performed over 10,000 plastic surgeries. Your body, skin and wellness goals are important to us - and whenever you want us to enhance your journey, we are here for you.

Our Focused Services

We specialize in a wide range of medical services. While we offer cutting-edge treatments, we also focus on preventative strategies to ensure our patients stay happy and healthy. 


Your Skin Only Deserves the Best Quality Products

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